• Learning the Singapore way

    Jan 19, 2017 | 07:21 am

    SINGAPORE - Singapore's climb to the top of global education rankings has put the spotlight on how an education system that had been seen as somewhat too competitive, stressful and exam-oriented has evolved into one of the best in the world.

  • A day in photos

    Jan 19, 2017 | 06:54 am

    Saving the deer at the Tiger Temple and a promise from inmates at a prison are featured events on Jan 19, 2017.

  • First Chinese freight train arrives in London

    Jan 19, 2017 | 05:52 am

    The first China to Britain freight train arrived in London on Jan 18, 2017, marking a milestone in Beijing's push to build commercial links across Europe and Asia. — Reuters

  • SE Asia stocks muted on Yellen's rate hike signal

    Jan 19, 2017 | 05:41 am

    Southeast Asian stocks were subdued on Thursday as comments from US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen hinted at steady interest rate hikes in 2017 and US president-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday kept investors anxious.

  • Collapse of Tehran high-rise kills 30 firefighters

    Jan 19, 2017 | 05:40 am

    TEHRAN - A high-rise building in Tehran engulfed by a fire collapsed on Thursday, killing at least 30 firefighters and injuring some 75 people, state media reported.

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